How to become a Successful Developer

How to become a Successful Developer

For me, being a software developer is one of the best jobs in the world. I love to code and getting paid for it is just awesome. But the weather isn’t always bright, and I’ve struggled so many times in my career that I’m constantly reflecting on my situation and trying to remind myself what I’m capable of.

To support you and your careers, I’ve written down seven pieces of advice I found to be very important for my career. Spend time trying each of them and see if they help you in your current situation.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Free udemy courses

Free udemy courses

A big amount of people like to buy Udemy courses but don’t know which one to choose so today I will give you 25 courses that you should check out!

So let’s start!

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Hey, do you want a free javascript cheat sheet? That’s over 32k characters long, and with…

how to create App with Android Studio

how to create App with Android Studio

In the last article, we learn How to create a project in Android Studio, and in this article, we are going to explore the Android Studio.

After creating the project this screen will appear in Android Studio

Building a Word Counter Application in Node.js Using Axios

Building a Word Counter Application in Node.js Using Axios

Modern applications communicate with other servers to accomplish tasks like sending emails, upload/download images, and embedding live Twitter feed. That is when we need HTTP requests. There are multiple ways to make HTTP requests in Node.js. In this article, I am going to introduce the Axios library.

Axios is a JavaScript library that works in both Browser and Node.js platforms. Axios is promise-based, and this lets us perform requests asynchronously.


Let’s implement a feature in the Node.js-React application I created in the last article that accepts a URL as an input from a user, load the content of the URL…

Top JavaScript frameworks

Top JavaScript frameworks and libraries

Currently, JavaScript is known as one of the most sought-after programming languages on the web. As reported by W3Tech, 97.1% of all the websites use it as a client-side programming language. Other areas of its implementation include mobile app development, web games, and desktop application development.

It should be noted that JavaScript is not a static technology. On the contrary, it is evolving constantly, meaning that few frameworks and libraries are introduced almost daily. Sometimes it is hard to choose those ones that suit your project the most.

To make things easier, we prepared a post covering the most popular…

Best UI libraries for react

Best UI libraries for react

React is one of the most popular front-end frameworks. According to the 2020 developer survey react chosen as the most preferred JavaScript framework.

Due to its popularity, many UI libraries have built custom React components to facilitate easy integration and improve the developer experience.

There are a bunch of react Ui kits and libraries available today. We will have a most useful kit and library to show how you can use them in your next React app. …

Choosing a Router Type in React Apps

Hey guys 👋, I hope you’re having a great day. I’m going to be talking about the various advantages and disadvantages of routers in react-router and how to pick one.

There are three types of routers that are given by react-router. We'll go through each of them in detail later:

1. Browser Router
Uses everything after the TLD(.com, .in, .co etc) or port as the path. In localhost:3000/xyz, /xyz is the path.

2. Hash Router
Uses everything after the# as the path. In localhost:3000/#/xyz, /xyz is the path.

3. Memory Router
Does not use the URL to track navigation, it’s…

How to migrate the Kotlin app

Together with some colleagues, I maintain a small full-stack web application called CodeQuiz, which we built during a 48-hour hackathon at JetBrains, and use at events to gamify learning about Kotlin. I recently migrated its frontend which you can see below (and which is using the kotlin-react wrappers) to the new Kotlin/JS IR compiler backend.

how to make a left-side animated menu

Hey there! 👋 😊

In this post, I want to show you a left-side animated menu that I created recently.

Before we start, I would highly recommend you to check out a runnable example for the solution on our website:
React — how to make a left-side animated menu

Final effect:

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